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Yorubeat music is derived from multiple musical genres, incorporating Nigerian and western styles of playing. Tunday started playing music in church in Lagos, Nigeria, and at the age of nine started visiting Fela Kuti’s band rehearsals in Kalakuta Republic. After moving to the UK in 2001, Akintan collaborated with London-based musicians to create the style which he called Yorubeat. He started with a twelve-piece band and went on to tour around in top venues across the United Kingdom. The Yorubeat band later released their first DVD, Genesis of Yorubeat: Live in London, in 2007.
Yorubeat is a fusion music of African and western styles, and the word is derived from the Yorubas of Nigeria. The drum pattern that is played in Yorubeat music took its influence from both African and western drum patterns, with the strongest accent on the last beat rather than the first. The drum rhythms are mostly offbeat. The fusion of western musical styles such as pop, jazz, funk and classical with Yoruba styles such as Jùjú, Apala, Fuji and talking drums, creates an energetic sound that Akintan continues to write and perform. 
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